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DMF-Y In Line Solenoid Pulse Jet Valve DN25~102mm

*DMF-Y Series in line solenoid pulse jet valve *DN25mm~102mm *Outlet connection G1”~Ø102 *Seal Material NBR standard *Installed directly on the air manifold box,with excllent flow liquidity *Low air pressure loss,suitable for the occasion with low pressure air source

DMF-ZM Right Angle With Dresser Nut Remote Pilot Solenoid Pulse Jet Valve

*DMF-ZM Series right angle with dresser nut ports solenoid pulse jet valve *Valve surface embalmed,non-shedding coat *DN20mm~40mm *Port connection size Ø27, Ø34, Ø48 *Inlet and outlet with dresser nut ports easy for installing,fast connecting *Seal Material NBR standard

SCG ASCO Right Angle/In Line Remote Pilot Pulse Jet Valve

*SCG Series ASCO type right angle and in line remote pilot pulse jet vavle *Valve surface embalmed,non-shedding coat *DN20mm~DN75mm *Right angle valve body or in line valve body *Special stainless steel piston/Diaphragm *High quality TPE piston/Diaphragm *Seal Material NBR standard

Pulse Jet Valve Accessories Diaphragm/Pilot/Connector/Coils

*Pulse jet valve accessories diaphragm,pilot,connector,coils for series DMF,CA/RCA,SCG *DMF Coil,CA Coil,SCG coil *DMF Pilot,CA Pilot,SCG Pilot *DMF Diaphragm,CA Diaphragm,SCG Diaphragm *Connector for pulse valve DMF,CA and SCG series

Pulse Jet Valve DMK Blow Controller/DML Off-line Controller

*Controller allows voltage from AC100~240V fluctuations *multi-level power purification and digital filtering software *Strong anti-interference ability *Adopted chip technology,software strong support,realize the intelligence of theory and principles

MS Air Service Units 1~10bar,Air Line Equipment G1/8~G1/2”

*Aluminum die-casting body material *Pressure Gauge embeded,keep from collision,save space *Modular design,Port size G1/8”,G1/4”,G3/8”,G1/2” *Pressure range adjustable 1~10Bar *Reinforced filter bowl and oil bowl *Filter fineness 40 Micron,20Micron,5Micron for option

O Series Air Preparation Equipment Zinc Die-casting G1/8”~G1”

*Zinc die-casting body material *Modular design,Different combination for flexible application *With Miniature,Medium size,big size body size for option *Pressure range adjustable 0.5~7Bar or 0.5~12Bar selectable *Filter fineness 5 Micron or 40 Micron available for option

A Series SMC Air Source Treatment 0.5~8.5bar M5~G1”

*A series SMC type air source treatment *Aluminum die-casting body material *Modular design,different combination for flexible application *Port size M5x0.8,G1/8”,G1/4”,G3/8”,G1/2”,G3/4”,G1” *Pressure range adjustable0.5~8.5Bar *Filter fineness 40 Micron available

N Series Norgen Air Filter,Air Regulator G1/8”~G3/8”

*N Series air service units Norgen interchangeable *Zinc alloy body material *Modular design,different combination for flexible application *Port size N07 Series G1/8”,G1/4” *Port Size N72 Series G1/4”,G3/8” *Pressure range adjustable 0.15~0.85MPa *Filter fineness 40 Micron standard

Airtac G Series Air Filter,Air Regulator,Lubricator G1/8”~G1/2”

*G Series air service units Airtac interchangeable *Aluminum die-casting body material *Structure Diaphragm type *With Pressure Gauge embeded,keep from collision *Port size G1/8”, G1/4”,G3/8”,G1/2” *Pressure range adjustable 0.05~0.9MPa *Filter fineness 40 Micron standard

U Series Air Service Equipment Units,Air Filter Regulator G1/4”~G1”

*U Series air service units *Aluminum die-casting body material *Structure piston type *Modular design,different combination for flexible application *Port size G1/4”,GT3/8”,G1/2”,G3/4”,G1” *Pressure range adjustable 0.15~0.85MPa *Filter fineness 20 Micron standard

M Series Mindman Air Source Treatment Units PT1/4,PT3/8,PT1/2

*M Series mindman type air service units *Aluminum die-casting body material *Modular design,different combination for flexible application *Port size PT1/4”,PT3/8,PT1/2 *Pressure range adjustable1~8.5Bar *High pressure type 0~15Bar for option *Filter fineness 40 Micron standard

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